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Friday, December 28, 2018

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Burna Boy Killin Dem ft Zlatan Lyrics

» Date: December 28, 2018
Following the Release of Burna Boy's Killin Dem featuring Zlatan, Fans have really vibed to the songs. Burna Boy who is scheduled to release the Killin Dem Music Video in January 2019 and just won the Best Artiste 2018 Awards has so many other songs in his archive.

Today we are going to be sharing the lyrics for Killin Dem.
Burnaboy killin dem lyrics

Burna Boy Killin Dem Ft Zlatan - Lyrics

Gbe body eh
It’s Kel P vibes
Abulabulalo, Zlatan
[Chorus by Burna Boy]
Ise yen killing them sha
Because I swear God the vibe go killy dem kpa
Kpro kpro kpro, we go dey win dem like that
Oga boss make I no be abeleja
Je o mo, popo popo popo
Gbe body e, po grrrrrrr
Gbese gbese, gbe soul
e eh eh grrrrrrr
Gbese gbese
[Burna Boy]
Jon jon ki jon jon
Make you no dey pull up, pull up
Where the money, where the money nana nana
Won ni elo ni, elo ni e
We making money rush us like indomie indomie e
I we suppose get award, my Lord,
Baby sho mo tu step in Zannoti ah
Je o mo
Repeat Chorus
You are not Ayefele, so what’s your excuse?
This is my tim there’s nothing you can do
Oya gbese bi eni to de fe ja Kung fu
Ibile ibile mo wo le de, won japa won sonu
Oya who dey, who dey who dey who dey
Zlatan Ibile, Burna lewon lere
Won m’ogun pe l’efo won lo mu mi sere
Won gun yan mi kere nisin mo fimu won fan fere
Oya Halle, Hallelujah, rap ta lenuse bi ti suya
Ma jeko ya e lenu ti ba lo ra beamer
Able God lasan legbo te lo n shiver
K’eku le lo so fun toko toko
Mo ti wole ko ma need ti n ba dibo
Kapachumaremanechupako, eruku ni mo ba to
Mo gbe Zanku wole, mo ni ko fade Shaku Shaku
Repeat Chorus
[Burna Boy]
Yanyan o, yanyan o,
Back in the days dem dey use me to yeye o yeye o
What’s on my wrist, on my neck e be Dia o, Dia o
I no dey look Uche, I dey denge o, Pele o ahn ahn
Won ni elo ni, elo ni e
We making money rush rush like indomie indomie e
Ah we suppose get award, my Lord,
Baby you must to step in Zannoti ah
Je o mo
Repeat Chorus
Ise yen killing them sha
It’s STG
If i reason you, you go follow am oo