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Saturday, December 22, 2018

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[Video] Offset Mistress Summer Bunni Apologises to Cardi B

» Date: December 22, 2018
Following the cheating and apology from Offset to Cardi B, His Mistress or Sidechick, Summer Bunni who is 20years old has come out to blast Cardi for not taking Offset back.
Offset sidechick
She explained in this interview with HollywoodLife that she is really upset about the whole situation, explaining how her instagram got blocked and the new one she opened got deleted.

She explains her relationship with Offset and how they met, explaining this is the first time that her life has become public and she is not happy about that.

She advices Cardi to take Offset back and let all the situation die as she is tired of the whole thing and wants to move on with her life.
Watch the Video Below!!!