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Friday, December 14, 2018

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Video: Sakawa Boy Vomiting Money from his Mouth in Ghana

» Date: December 14, 2018
A Sakawa Boy has been captured in a new Video, Vomiting money. The terrible things we see these days in peoples desperate attempt to make money is just heart-wrecking.
Sakawa money rituals
Sakawa Boy Vomiting money from his mouth
This desperate boy is just one amongst so many desperate money hungry individuals who engage in money rituals to make so much money.

Sakawa is one of the simpler money making money rituals. So many young individuals are into this money-making ritual.

A leaked video hits the internet a few days ago showing a Sakawa boy Vomiting Money from his Mouth. He was trying to make more money in a day than Bill Gates and Dangote has made in their entire life.

He was Vomiting money from his mouth as if World Bank's ATM was installed in his stomach and he had all the atm cards in the world.
Watch the Video Below!!!