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Friday, February 22, 2019

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Jackie Appiah accused of Sleeping with Hushpuppi, Arab Men for Money [Evidence]

» Date: February 22, 2019
Jackie appiah sex with hushpuppi
A hidden Snap-chat blogger has accused Top Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah of sleeping with Gucci lover and millionaire, Hushpuppi.

The blogger also alleged that Jackie has been sleeping with different arabian men for money and even claimed to have seen hushpuppi come into her hotel room.
jackie appiah, hushpuppi

There is no business connection between hushpuppi and Jackie Appiah and so we tend to wonder why he would be in her hotel.
The blogger posted so many other chats and status updates where he/she talked about the whole thing.
jackie appiah, hushpuppi sex scandal

I can't say for sure if she's innocent or not,what we must understand is this, as long as we think we have mouth,we say what ever thing that come across it without thinking of the consequences,and by the way it doesn't even less who she is even though it hurt she is still JACKIE APPIAH,so far that i have known and learned about her she isn't capable oof what she is been accused of ,and this rumor or gist of yours won't change her from who she is or what she is ,because if i can remember there is a saying that say 'as long as you are in this world you do good or bad people must talk especially the bad side of you innocent or not,butwhat keeps one going is ones courage and confidence of a person.

Hi, this gist did not originate from Az. We came across the chat and had to share it with our followers... Despite this gist, we still love and believe jackie appiah is a terrific actress... But what she is accused of though is really really humilating, not just the huspuppi saga of the thing, but the allegation of sleeping with different arabian men for money... Please read our post clearly...

Well Jackie is one of my favourite actress ,but but with the way celebrities are going on for money, but i will not be surprised if Ms appiah actually slept with these men for money.
She is a terrific actress tho.