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Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Shatta Wale, Babymama Beef on Valentines Day [Full Gist]

» Date: February 16, 2019
So this gist started on Valentines day when Ghanaian Music artiste Shatta Wale took to his Social Media Account to share a Valentines message to his Baby Mamas.
Shatta Wale, michy and their son
Wale who has two kids Majesty and Nshira from two different mothers took to his account to share a heartfelt message with good intentions.

This was what he wrote:
Happy birthday to all my ex’s 💕💕.
Majesty’s mum and Nshira’s mum ..
Hope you guys celebrate this day with love ❤️..You guys gave me great kids in this life and I really appreciate but tho we not together I still will show love cuz we were never enemies when we all first met each other .This should tell you i will want to concentrate on growing the kids for them to have a better future and nothing else ..Good-luck my Val’s on this Val’s Day !!!!
Unfortunately, one of his baby mama , Shatta Michy was not impressed with the social media show of affection. She didnt feel it was genuine and went ahead to make a post of her own.
She said:
“Lmao..Sperms donors don’t talk valentine ..Fortunately i’m not dragging you to court for sch. fees. Real men do real tings”
Michy who have frequently blasted Shatta Wale for not really taking care of their kid and not paying the school fees was not impressed with what the artist wrote and decided to reply him with this.
Did she do the right thing?? Tell us in the comment box.