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Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Sierra Leone woman Antonella Bundu becomes first Black woman to Run for Mayor of Florence in italy

» Date: May 23, 2019
A Sierra Leone woman, Antonella Bundu has become the first black woman who is running to become The Mayor of Florence in Italy.
antonella bundu
Antonella Bundu
Antonella who was born in Florence by a Florentine mother and a Sierra Leone Father was unanimously chosen by a coalition of Anti-Fascist lefties parties who found her worthy and capable of running, winning and becoming the Mayor of Florence efficiently.

In a video shared by Al Jazeera, Antonella Bundu shares her reason for running for Mayor and amazing changes she hopes to bring to the table.

Sierra Leone woman? She is Italian born. Her mother is Italian. What's wrong with her participating in the running of her country? Stupid people. the Creator stills owns the world so He can choose whoever He wants to run it. Smh!!