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Saturday, July 13, 2019

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How to Make Your Phone Number your Account Number on FCMB EASY ACCOUNT

» Date: July 13, 2019
FCMB which stands for First City Monument Bank has taken a huge revolutionary step in the banking sector by offering customers the chance to make their mobile phone number their account number.

Fcmb easy account
FCMB launched this package 'FCMB EASY ACCOUNT' which gives her customers the ability to make their mobile numbers their account but only with the omission of the first digit in the number.

This move will ease the stress of having a bunch of complicated numbers which you either have to learn off heart or write down in a diary to use whenever it is absolutely necessary.

In their first official statement for this new package, FCMB explained that the Easy Account has been designed to make banking accessible to all Nigerians and it is meant to make Many Nigerians who do not have an account to get one as this is one of the goals of the Central Bank of Nigeria to achieve a cashless society.

This new product is open to both old and new account holders and accommodates both low and high-income earners in the society.

The bank also elaborated that phones numbers are only those made available by Nigerian GSM network providers and would work even if there are no banks branch is your area.

This package also comes with the ability to do the regular mobile banking transactions most customers are entitled to.

How to Register for FCMB EASY ACCOUNT

Interested customers who would love to use their phone numbers as their Bank account number can simply use their mobile phones and dial *329# and follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen.

To open this account, you do not need an internet connection as this process is Self-service and works without using your data bundle or even your internet-enabled devices.

Registered users can go about their regular day to day transactions by just using the USSD code *329# and make financial transactions. They can also send and receive money using banking agents likes PAGA and so many others in Nigeria.

Why FCMB ??

fcmb atm
FCMB is the Leading Lenders bank determined to make a difference in the banking industry. It is a bank whose dream is financial inclusion of all Nigerians as they have the best of the best services available 24/7 to all their customers and do not disappoint. Their services are available in the 36 states of Nigeria and they are recommended for those who want to enjoy the best in the financial world without limitations and restraints as most of their policies are really flexible and reliable to make sure your day to day needs are met and satisfied appropriately.

Pay them a visit today... Fcmb Official Website